Our Mission

Our Mission

Adoption-Link serves children, birth parents and adoptive families of all races, cultures and orientations in domestic and international adoption. We also provide humanitarian services and support to all families including multi-racial, HIV+ and those with special needs. We believe all children have a right to a loving and permanent home.

Our Story

Adoption-Link was founded in August 1992 by Margaret Fleming, a clinical social worker and adoptive mother of nine children. Adoption-Link is based upon the philosophy that children of all races, including those children with special needs, have a right to a loving and permanent home. Adoption-Link is a pioneer in transracial adoption and understands the need for educational, supportive, and networking services specific to the needs of children and their families. Providing these specialized adoption services has been the primary purpose of Adoption-Link.

In 2003, Ms. Fleming founded the program, Chances by Choice (CBC), which specialized in finding adoptive homes for internationally born HIV exposed children. This program was the first if its kind in the U.S. Today, Adoption-Link has merged the mission of CBC into all of its programs. Recognized for our expertise and understanding of the issues surrounding the parenting of HIV+ children, our agency continues to provide support to families and children through education, training and humanitarian services.

Adoption-Link began as an adoption consultation service. Initially, a staff of one employee and one volunteer performed services for adoptive families and birthparents through the process of private adoption. Today Adoption-Link is a full-service, Hague-accredited, licensed child-welfare agency. Our thriving programs include Domestic, International and Home Study Only Programs. The agency places children with families throughout the U.S. To date over 1,000 domestic infants and over 60 HIV positive children have found permanent, loving homes.

Our Philosophy

  • To provide respectful and quality services to all in the adoption triad: birth parents, children and adoptive families
  • To keep fees for services as low as possible
  • To maintain a culturally sensitive staff who recognizes, respects and responds to the unique, culturally defined needs of individuals and families served by the agency
  • To help birth parents explore all of their options in order to make the best decision possible for their babies
  • To meet the emotional and physical needs of birth parents through pre- and post-adoption counseling, financial assistance for living expenses, referrals to other agencies, etc.
  • To provide birth mothers with a viable alternative to abortion, DCFS, and/or a life of struggle
  • To facilitate open, semi-open and closed adoptions according to the needs and wishes of both birth parents and adoptive families
  • To provide services to ALL birth mothers regardless of health status, race, ethnic origin, history of mental illness, substance abuse, etc.
  • To accept applications from prospective adoptive families without regard to race, culture or national origin
  • To charge the same fees for services for all children